Deserthog Batteries

The most maintenance free flooded battery in the industry, the Deserthog features a unique cell design that holds up to four more inches of water than standard batteries of the same cell size. This extends watering intervals from once every week to about once every few months depending on the size of the battery.
Available in three sizes (85, 100, 125 A.H.), it’s the ideal choice for medium to heavy-duty applications that are not suitable for sealed batteries.

Smarthog Batteries

The Smarthog line offers the industry’s first 23″ and 31″ high, 80- and 120-AH fully sealed, valve regulated lead-acid batteries. 60-, 45- and 28-AH sizes are also available. Clean, safe, and efficient, Ironclad Smarthog Batteries eliminate the need to remove vent caps, add water, or take hydrometer readings. At the end of the work day, simply connect the battery to your charger.

Proven Exide Ironclad valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology causes gas to recombine during charging, so the battery emits little or no gas under normal conditions. Smarthog is the perfect no-hassle, no-spill, no-watering battery for every electric-powered vehicle. These include AGVs, personnel carriers, pallet jacks, sit-down riders, and narrow-aisle trucks.

For plug-in-anywhere charging convenience, consider Ironclad Smartpack integral battery-charger units. The Smartpack on-board charger can be plugged into any 15A, 120V AC line.

Loadhog Batteries

Loadhogs are a proven line of high-performance batteries packed with brute strength and real staying power. Introduced in 1981, the Loadhog was the first battery to pack 100 amp-hours of capacity into a standard size 85-AH battery compartment. That’s 18% more capacity-more than enough to keep running strong through the toughest shifts.

The Loadhog E140 (140 amp-hours) excels in high-reach or rider-type lift trucks, while the 19″ E75L (75 amp-hours) low-profile Loadhog keeps your low-profile lift trucks running strong for a full eight-hour shift.

Superhog Batteries

The Superhog is our top-of-the-line powerhouse. For the longest runs, highest lifts, and most demanding industrial and warehousing applications, turn to the super performance, long life, and easy maintenance of the supercharged Superhog.

The Superhog delivers consistently higher voltages so your trucks maintain optimum travel speed and lift quicker. Superhog 110- and 155-AH Batteries go the distance, with no worry of over-discharging, premature battery changes, or production stops. The Ironclad Superhog E110 will still have 50% of its charge when a conventional 75-AH battery reaches the critical 80% discharge point and is ready to be recharged. The Ironclad Superhog E155 typically lasts 2-1/2 hours longer than a conventional 125-AH battery. Equip your hard-working narrow-aisle trucks with Ironclad Superhogs, and work with a 24% jump in power.

Workhog Batteries

The Ironclad Superhog represents the new level of battery power and performance for the distribution age of the new Millennium.

First introduced in 1910, the Ironclad design is well established as the performance leader. Since then, Ironclad Batteries have proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Ironclad Workhogs by EnerSys Inc., are available in sizes to fit vehicles from small personnel carriers up to the largest 100,000-lb. lift truck.

We’ve made a great battery even better. The latest generation of Workhogs, rated at 85- and 125-AH, are the most powerful standard rated batteries on earth. Using unique Ironclad square tubular positive plate design, they produce more power than previous comparably rated models. They run 10% to 20% longer than conventional “standard” flat pasted plate batteries.

Smartpacks are sealed, VRLA batteries with onboard chargers that can be plugged into any 15A, 120V AC line. The fully automatic, integral battery charger is matched to the battery to maintain peak performance with plug-in convenience. There’s no supplementary equipment or charger installation needed. And because it’s sealed, it never needs water!

Smartpacks are available in up to 600 A.H. We also offer PROPack – a 24 volt system consisting of four sealed batteries connected in series parallel.