When you need a forklift at the delivery site, you need a PiggyBack.

Look no further than Alliance Material Handling. We supply, service, and provide forklift parts for Princeton Delivery Systems’ PiggyBack forklifts. PiggyBack truck mounted forklifts or lift trucks are built with the same dedication to quality and dependability as the first truck mounted forklift produced by Princeton over 30 years ago.



  • PB40: Moving mast systen can lift 4,000 pounds. Ideal for use in agricultural and medium terrain deliveries.
  • PB45: 4,300+ pound capacity. Scissor reach system allows you to unload from one side of the truck.
  • PB50: Brick, lumber, and drywall options.
  • PBL: Moving mast system can lift 5,500 pounds.
  • PB70: Moving mast system can lift 7,500 pounds.
  • PBX: Single-side offload capability.