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What's New at Alliance

July 2015 Crown introduces the Quick Pick Wireless Remote

Order selectors use a wireless remote to advance the pallet truck to the next pick location! More details here!

Clark's June 2015 EXTENSIVE Newsletter

Our 60th YEAR! - Click for our full sized pdf Poster!

February 2015 - Combilift Expansion News!

Combilift Ltd. is to invest $50 million over the next two years in a new manufacturing facility in Ireland, which will also create 200 additional jobs over the next five years. This announcement was made by Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny along with the Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton on a visit to Combilift’s current headquarters in Monaghan, Ireland on Friday February 6.

This expansion will enable Combilift to proceed with its plan to double its current $190 million turnover over the next five years. The majority of the 200 new jobs to be created will be for skilled technicians and design engineers and a further 200 jobs will also be created during the two year construction period of the new facility.

Combilift has recently purchased 100 acres of industrial zoned land where the new purpose-built, 430,000 sq ft., greenfield manufacturing site will be built. This will include a dedicated Research and Development building, adjoining administrational offices and will be more than double the size of the company’s present manufacturing facilities.

Combilift is best known for its wide range of multi-directional forklifts, Aisle-Master articulated forklifts and other innovative material handling solutions such as the Combilift Straddle Carrier designed to handle large containers and over-sized loads. The company was set up by CEO Martin McVicar and Technical Director Robert Moffett in 1998 and thanks to the continued 7% investment of turnover in R&D, Combilift has produced in excess of 24,500 units since 1998. It currently employs over 300 people at its two facilities and products are exported to over 75 countries.

Commenting on this announcement, Martin McVicar said: “with this greenfield investment and sufficient land available on the new site for future expansion, Combilift is committed to continuing its organic growth in Monaghan, Ireland for many years to come”.

Welcoming the announcement, the Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny said: “It is growing and dynamic Irish companies like Combilift which are driving a recovery across Ireland’s regions. Combilift’s new $50 million facility in Monaghan will make a profound difference to the local economy and the national export economy.”

General Information

Combilift was established in 1998 by Technical Director Robert Moffett and CEO Martin McVicar with the aim of covering a gap in the market for a forklift truck capable of handling long and bulky loads in a safe and space saving manner, and the result was the world’s first IC engine powered, all wheel drive multi-directional forklift – the Combilift.

Since then the company has delivered more than 24,500 units in at least 75 countries, has established a worldwide network of dealerships and is acknowledged as the global leader in the supply of customized handling solutions for long and awkward loads .

Combilift designs and manufactures its customized products at its HQ and production facility in Monaghan, Ireland and it has expanded its original range of 4-way forklifts to include narrow aisle trucks, straddle carriers, pedestrian reach stackers as well as special builds, with lift capacities from 3,300 lbs. to 180,000 lbs. Depending on individual models diesel, LPG or electric powered options are available.

Since 2005, Combilift USA has been headquarted in Greensboro, North Carolina. Combilift has delivered over 5,000 units in North America since selling its first truck in the USA in 1999 to a company named Southeastern Metals Manufacturing Co Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida.

July 2014 - The Great Combilift Show

June 2014 - The first annual

Clark will be supporting and promoting this with lots of events in their Kentucky North American headquarters facility. Read More details here.

May 2014 - Job Opening - Winchester, VA

We currently have a job opening for a Customer Sales and Service Representative. View the details on our employment page.

April 2014 - Job Openings

We currently have job openings for both experienced and entry level Forklift Technicians.

See what the job entails here; then, take a look at our compensation package and fill out an application. Join Our Team!

March 2014 - On Sale NOW through May

Crown Branded tools. A wide variety of tool kits - with lifetime guarantee! Click here for more details.

January 2014 - Introducing Clark's Burden and Personnel Carriers to our Product Line.

100% electric transport and/or burden carriers. Check here for more details.

March 2013

2013 PROMAT take-aways. Read the PDF here!

January 2013

Alliance Material Handling joins the exclusive group of SmartCEO's Future 50 Award winners of fastest growing companies in the Baltimore area. For more details and a list of all 50, please download this pdf. SmartCEO's Future 50

December 2012

Message from Tom Albero, President and CEO of Alliance Material Handling


June 2012 - Crown's Vision System - click the video to play.

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May 2012 - Crown introduces a new product tugger, the TR 4500, that outlasts and outperforms all other brands ... more

May 2012 - Crown introduces rugged, reliable walkie with enhanced braking and traction ... plus new features - Built to Handle Anything ...more

March 2012 - Clark expands production in North America ... more

February 2012 - Introducing the CROWN TSP 6500 and TSP 7000 Series turret trucks.

Higher, faster, energy efficient — these are words typically associated with new products developed by Crown. Now you can expect this and more with Crown’s new TSP 6500 and TSP 7000 Series turret trucks.

Turret Trucks that Raise Your Expectations
Crown's innovative line of heavy-duty turret trucks set new standards of throughput with the fastest lift and travel speeds, energy-saving regenerative lowering and braking, and the most solid mast in the industry — taking you all the way to 675".

TSP Series: Setting a New Standard in Turret Forklifts
With warehouse space at a premium, businesses need efficient solutions to maximize cube utilization without compromising throughput.

Crown's TSP Series turret forklifts enable you to take full advantage of very narrow aisles and more pallet positions — increasing your storage space by up to 31%.

TSP Series turret trucks are built to maneuver high, tight spaces with more control, while improving productivity with faster cycle speeds and more efficient energy utilization.

January 2012

Nov 2011- Introducing the outstanding features of the RM Series truck now available on the 42" chassis – RM 6025 -
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May 2011 - Crown Global Ecologic Report -
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May 2011 - Digital Dashboards by Crown -
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May 2011 - More Capacity, Greater Reach RM 6000 Series S-Class lift trucks by Crown - Click to Open a New Window

May 2011 - Crown Introduces a new Workhorse-
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February 2011 - Clark's February newsletter-
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December 2010 - Crown unveils fuel cell-powered stockpicker -
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December 2010 - Case Study - Electric Outdoor Lift Trucks: New Technologies Meet Customer Needs -
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November 2010 - Crown Previews Three New Products at IFDA Conference -
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Crown Brings New IC Forklift to All Weather, Heavy Duty Markets -
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September 2010- New C40/55 Pneumatic Truck! (Newsletter) -
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August 2010- Crown's New Comforable FlexSeat -

July 2010 - Starrco Modular Offices July News -
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June 2010 - Starrco Modular Offices June News -
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May 25th, 2010 - Clark introduces the Hyundai engine Theta 2.4 Liter engine

Clark is continuing its commitment to design the finest lift trucks in the industry. The latest addition to this commitment is the introduction of the Hyundai Theta 2.4 liter engine. This engine will be replacing the Mitsubishi engine in the C15/20s, C15/20sC, C20/35, C20/32C and CQ20/30 family of trucks. This engine comes with impressive credentials. It will provide substantial improvements in power, fuel economy and durability.

There are two versions of this new engine. Both are 2.4 liter, but have different horse power ratings. The C15/20s & C15/20sC are rated at 52HP. An 18% increase over the previous engine. The C20/35, C20/32C and CQ20/30 are rated at 70.4HP. A 37% increase over the previous engine. Both versions deliver a 10% improvement in fuel economy. Gradeability and Drawbar Pull are substantially increased, but vary by model, so check the spec sheet for specific information.

The improved power, performance and fuel economy of this engine is developed from the incorporation of the latest engine technology. It utilizes 10.5:1 compression and multi-point fuel injection. A "diamond like" coating is applied to pistons, rings, camshafts and valve lifters to reduce wear and friction and thus improving durability, fuel efficiency and performance. The engine is all aluminum with steel cylinder liners, 4 valve head, dual overhead camshafts, valve seat inserts, hardened valve faces and an enclosed timing chain with an automatic tensioner.

This engine also meets EPA & CARB 2010 ultra-low emissions requirements. This eliminates the requirement and additional cost of the "CARB" sticker for California trucks. The increased power and productivity will be obvious the instant you drive the truck. The durability and fuel economy will be realized for years to come.

December 28, 2009- Crown Unveils New Internal Combustion Forklift, the C-5

Crown C-5 Series Features Industrial Engine, Power Brake System and On-Demand Cooling

C-5 Series IC Cushion ForkliftCrown Equipment Corporation, one of the world's leading forklift manufacturers, today marked the availability of its first company-manufactured internal combustion (IC) forklift with the release of the Crown C-5 Series. The new forklift, which is designed to push the limits of IC performance, leverages the company's core expertise and heritage in material handling to deliver commanding advantages to owners and operators seeking improved power and strength, service and uptime, and comfort and safety.

Specifically, the Crown C-5 features an industrial engine that was jointly developed with John Deere Power Systems (John Deere), a proactive approach to engine cooling and radiator clearing via an on-demand cooling system, and design innovations that improve operator visibility, comfort and productivity. Product owners will see immediate return on their investment from extended service intervals and an exclusive Crown power brake system that collectively reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

"Our customers came to us with internal combustion forklift issues related to engine performance, overheating, operator comfort and maintenance," said Crown President Jim Dicke III. "Our fresh perspective on these problems, combined with extensive research and development, and our 50-year legacy of innovation and material handling expertise, allowed us to create a truly industrial forklift. We saw an opportunity to help our customers move beyond the existing limitations of IC truck performance."

An integral element to Crown's research and development efforts was the analysis of maintenance work performed on thousands of IC trucks. This process enabled Crown to determine the most common and costly problems, and focus its design to solve the most universal uptime and service challenges traditionally accepted within the IC market.

Powering the Crown C-5

According to Crown research, sub-par performance was one of two predominant downfalls of existing IC forklifts that rely on automotive-style engines. A co-development project with John Deere produced a 2.4-liter industrial engine for the Crown C-5 that integrates the best practices from the diesel engines used to power John Deere's rugged construction equipment with the best practices from Crown's five decades in material handling.

The result is the Crown C-5 industrial engine, which features a cast iron head and larger, more robust components that are designed to prevent overheating and warping while extending the product's lifespan to twice that of existing IC trucks. The Crown C-5's horsepower and low-end torque are the most powerful in the IC market, improving performance during acceleration, incline-loaded travel, and carrying or pushing heavy loads.

"People generally don't drive their cars for eight to 16 hours a day, six days a week," said Crown Product Manager Andy Smith. "In fact, running an automotive engine in a forklift for just 2,500 hours is the equivalent of driving 100,000 miles at 40 miles per hour in a car. An automotive engine just isn't built to withstand the demands of many material handling environments. A manufacturing, agricultural or construction setting is a better proving ground because you've got dirt, debris and longer run times. With this industrial engine, the Crown C-5 can handle hotter, more demanding applications."

Cooling the Crown C-5

Research showed that another challenge associated with IC lift truck engines was overheating. Crown addressed this challenge with a dual open-core radiator with separate cooling systems for the engine and transmission. This is a standard feature on the Crown C-5.

Further, Crown engineered an optional and exclusive On-Demand Cooling (ODC) system that automatically clears itself of debris and provides precise cooling to effectively manage heat in intense and dirty environments. Each time a user starts the Crown C-5, the ODC system's radiator-clearing feature reverses the fan direction to dislodge any debris. This drastically reduces the frequency of radiator cleanings, which reduces maintenance costs and increases uptime, according to Smith. In addition, the ODC system adjusts its fan speed based on engine temperature, and the strategic placement of the fan improves cooling efficiency by pulling air evenly through the radiator rather than pushing the air as most other systems do.

Operating the Crown C-5

Operators spending most of their day on the Crown C-5 will notice superior drivability advantages in the form of control, comfort, stability and visibility. Control is achieved through Crown Access 1 2 3®  System Control, which is the electronic system that manages all truck functions and proactively facilitates two-way communication with the operator. The technology also plays a critical role in keeping the operator out of unsafe conditions. The system's on-board display uses Crown eSmart™ Accurate Fuel Tracking to alert the operator when the system senses 16 minutes of remaining fuel time. This technology increases productivity by reducing the time spent unnecessarily changing fuel tanks. Further, the display screen calls attention to detailed information about engine performance and allows authorized users to adjust performance settings and technicians to troubleshoot components. The Crown C-5 is also designed to improve drivability, which is the confidence and control operators require when maneuvering or handling a load. Drivability of the Crown C-5 is gained through:

  1. Comfort: After conducting ergonomic tests to identify pressure points in traditional IC forklift seats, Crown designed and built its patented FlexSeat™ to provide comfort for operators. The Crown C-5 also enhances comfort by redirecting heat and exhaust away from the user during reverse travel, facilitating entry/exit with larger steps, utilizing a contoured seat deck, and featuring an unobtrusive push-button parking brake.
  2. Stability: When the forks and masts are tilted more than two degrees forward, the Crown C-5's interlock feature stops them from rising above free lift. Other intrinsic stability attributes include more mass, dead-engine breaking and steering, hill hold, and ramp speed control.
  3. Visibility: The Crown C-5's lower counterweight and LP bottle increase operators' field of view by five feet compared to other IC lift trucks. These features improve operator confidence and help prevent product damage. Forward-facing visibility is also improved via a higher and closer seat position to the forks than seats on competitor products. Finally, thinner posts and a shorter cowl facilitate an unobstructed view of the forks, while an overhead guard design improves visibility of loads at height.

Servicing the Crown C-5

Another challenge facing the IC lift truck market has been the high cost of frequent service and maintenance issues. In its first 2,000 hours of operation, the Crown C-5 is projected to average just 79 routine maintenance tasks. This performance improvement delivers reduced downtime and lowered out-of-pocket maintenance costs compared to traditional IC trucks. For example, the self-adjusting power brake system on the Crown C-5 has fewer moving parts and a 90 percent larger brake pad surface than traditional drum brakes, which translates into a lifespan that is three times longer and requires 93 percent fewer maintenance checks. The power brake system is a standard feature on the Crown C-5 6,000 and 6,500-pound models.

When a technician does need to service a Crown C-5, he or she can do so quickly and easily thanks to the truck's component accessibility. The Crown C-5's post-to-post clearance is the largest in the industry, and its seat deck opens to an industry-leading 95-degree angle to provide even more space for technicians. Side panels and the floorboard can be removed without tools allowing easy reach to filters, dipsticks and fuses.

About Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown is one of the world's largest lift truck manufacturers. Crown's award-winning line of lift trucks maintains a reputation for exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing. From the smallest hand pallet truck to the highest lifting turret truck, Crown seeks to provide users with safe, efficient and ergonomic lift trucks that lower total cost of ownership and maximize uptime. Headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, Crown manufactures lift trucks that are sold throughout the world.

April 5, 2009 - Alliance Material Handling Announcement of Merger with W.M.H. Solutions in the greater Richmond/Chesapeake area.

It is with great pleasure Alliance Material Handling, Inc. announces the merger with W.M.H. Solutions in the greater Richmond/Chesapeake area.  This expansion will provide our Virginia customers with unparalleled customer service.  Our locations and contact information are listed below:

Alliance Material Handling Co. Inc. 5006 Byrd Industrial Dr. Richmond, VA  23231 804-222-7550 and Alliance Material Handling Co. Inc. 921B Corporate Ln. Chesapeake, VA 23320 757-547-8300

     Alliance Material Handling, Inc. is proud to offer you over fifty years of experience as the dealer for Clark and Doosan forklifts and Princeton Delivery Systems Piggy-Back forklifts in Winchester, VA, and Jessup, MD.  It is our commitment to bring our customers the best solution to meet any requirement.   Our capabilities include forklift service, parts, rentals, sales and training.  We also offer a full range of warehouse services including pallet rack, lay out design, dock equipment, mezzanines and modular offices.  There is one key difference between Alliance and our competitors.  We are a 100% employee owned company.  Everyone in our company has a vested interest to make sure each customer receives the type of service that keeps him coming back to Alliance.

Alliance Material Handling receives CLARK's "2008 Dealer of Excellence" Award.

- CLARK announced winners of this award in their February '09 newsletter, Clark Notes.

Clark Material Handling Company Announces ALLIANCE MATERIAL HANDLING as an Authorized Dealer in the Richmond & Norfolk, VA Markets

Press Release - Scott Johnson, Director of Dealer Services - Lexington, KY-August 1, 2008

- CLARK Material Handling Company today announced it has signed Alliance Material Handling as an authorized distributor of CLARK products in its Richmond, Virginia and Norfolk, Virginia APRs. Alliance is a full service Dealer, featuring full sales and service departments, a rental fleet, an aftermarket parts department as well as a full offering of allied products.

President and CEO of CLARK Material Handling Company Dennis Lawrence commented on this appointment, "We are delighted to be able to expand the territory of an existing CLARK dealer. This affirms our ability to give current dealers additional territory when mutually beneficial. Tom Albero and his experienced team of CLARK professionals bring a solid company to Richmond and Norfolk…solid in terms of experience, financial strength, CLARK product knowledge, and a commitment to growing CLARK new equipment and parts sales."

Alliance is located at 5006 Byrd Industrial Drive, Richmond, VA 23231. Their phone number is 804-222-7550. John Albero is their General Manager, Roy Booth their Parts and Service Manager and Warren Ross is Senior VP of Sales and Marketing.

An industry leader since it invented the first material handling truck in 1917, CLARK has built more than one million forklifts during its more than 100 years of business. CLARK supplies a full line of electric and internal combustion forklifts, manual pallet jacks, powered pallet jacks and narrow aisle forklifts. CLARK products are distributed and supported through a network of over 550 dealer locations worldwide.

For additional information on CLARK, its products or to locate a dealer visit us on the World Wide Web at or call toll free 866-252-5275.

Alliance Material Handling, Inc. Adds Hamech Forklifts to Material Handling Equipment Product Line

Announcement - July 2008

Allliance Material Handling is proud to announce the addition of the Hamech line, a brand of Crown Equipment Corporation, of Internal Combustion (IC) Lift Trucks or Forklifts to our material handling equipment product line. Hamech Lift Truck capacities range from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds for IC Cushion Tire Forklifts or Lift Trucks and up to 35,000 pounds for IC Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks or Forklifts. Hamech IC Forklifts offers models that use LPG, gas or diesel fuel.

For indoor appllications, Hamech IC Cushion Tire Lift Trukcs or Forklifts offer clean air technology, a feature that is critical for indoor use. Available with a range of LPG or gas engines, Hamech IC Cushion Tire Forklifts are in full compliance with the lastest EPA standards. For tough indoor and outdoor applications, Hamech IC Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks provide solid performance...from lumber yards, to shipping ports, and everywhere in between. Available with LPG, gas or diesel engines, Hamech IC Pneumatic Tire Forklifts offer solid, dependable performance and capacities up to 35,000 pounds. For your other material handling equipment requirements, Alliance Material handling offers Crown Electric Forklifts and Pallet Jacks, Sellick Rough Terrain Forklifts, Aisle-Master articulated forklifts, Clark Forklifts, Genie Scissor Lifts, Genie Boom Lift Trucks, Doosan Skid Steer Loaders, Starrco Modular Offices and Modular Cleanrooms, Chalfant Dock Equipment such as dock levelers and dock plates/dock boards, SpaceRAK Pallet Rack Systems, SpaceRAK Dock Equipment, SpaceRAK Steel Mezzanines, and EnerSys Forklift Batteries and Battery Chargers.