Our Commitment

These 30 Fundamentals are the core of our differentiation as a 100% employee owned company. They outline our commitment to excellence that drives our success and customer retention.

Think and act like the owner you are.

Do the right thing, always.

Make a great impression.

Do what’s best for the customer.

Pay it forward.

Honor commitments.

Think team first.

Invest in relationships.

Make quality personal.

Walk in others’ shoes.

Practice blameless problem solving.

Focus on solutions.

Assume positive intent.

Treat everyone with dignity.

Get clear on expectations.

Listen generously.

Speak straight.

Celebrate success.

Pay attention to the details.

Find a way.

Always ask why.

Be relentless about improvement.

Embrace change.

Be vigilant about safety.

Take pride in appearance.

Share information.

Be obsessive about organization.

Lead by example.

“Bring it” every day.

Keep it fun.