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5 Ways To Lower Your Material Handling Costs

5 Ways To Lower Your Material Handling Costs

Posted on February 2, 2022

Reducing your costs means increasing your profits, which has never been more challenging than in recent years. Our experience with various operations, which utilize different types of equipment in multiple ways, has exposed us to a wide variety of scenarios that relate to facilities, equipment, and applications. In working with our diverse customer base, we have recognized solutions that, when implemented, result in lower total operating costs.

Five Solutions That Will Lower Your Material Handling Costs 

Fleet Management: Fleet management is a vital part of knowing the useful economic lifespan of your equipment. Whether your fleet is managed internally or by a reputable Material Handling Company, keeping track of hours and vehicle maintenance reduces expenses. In addition, it helps identify when it's time to trade in or re-lease.

Planned Maintenance: Your fleet equipment works hard, and hard-working equipment needs proper maintenance. Working with a professional and reputable fleet service provider that provides maintenance at appropriate intervals is critical in catching minor issues before they become significant. In addition, well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently, experiences more up-time, and improves productivity as well as your bottom-line performance. 

Contact a Sales Representative to inquire how a Service Contract can improve your fleet. 

Invest in a Robust Training Program: OSHA requires all Operators to have certified forklift Operator Safety Training. An essential part of this training is learning how to do daily inspections. Knowing what to look for can result in the improved overall safety of the equipment and help identify repair needs before they become catastrophic. Alliance Material Handling's training programs are available.

Choose Application-Specific Equipment: In other words, "buy the right equipment for the job at hand." Unfortunately, we often see equipment being used in applications for which they were not designed. That results in accelerated wear, increased damage, and ultimately, increased costs. Working with professionals who can survey your applications and recommend the right equipment for each job is one of the most important things you can do to decrease overall costs. Using the proper equipment with the right specifications means efficient, productive results.

Limit the Number of Vendors When Possible: The more work you can assign to a single qualified and reliable supplier, the fewer calls you have to make. In turn, the supplier becomes more familiar with your equipment, facility, and applications. Using one company that can provide a turnkey operation, from planning to installation and maintenance, allows you to make one call when needed. This leads to greater efficiencies for you. It also allows your supplier to understand your operation better and thus make logical suggestions that can reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line.




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