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Forklift Market Trends

Forklift Market Trends

Posted on July 6, 2021

Dear valued customers,

As your trusted advisor, Alliance Material Handling would like to provide you with an update on current market trends:

  • This year through May of 2021, the number of forklifts sold compared to this time last year is up 95%, almost double!
  • New forklift truck production lead times last year averaged roughly 10-12 weeks.  Currently new forklift production lead times range from 22 to 52+ weeks!
  • Why?  There are a number of reasons:
    • Market Demand
    • Labor shortages
    • Component, parts, and raw material shortages
    • Steel production capacity issues
    • Freight and shipping delays due to port congestion

Luckily, Alliance proactively planned for this and have stock inventory, used equipment, and rental options available.   We strongly recommend that you take time to start planning and ordering for your 2022 needs now!

Our team is here to help map out a strategy and make recommendations, so your warehouse is adequately equipped.