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Innovations from Crown for Material Handling Efficiency

Innovations from Crown for Material Handling Efficiency

Posted on March 24, 2023

Alliance is a proud Crown partner, and we’re happy to share insights from Crown's blog on their innovations that increase manufacturing efficiency & flexibility.

Since its development in the early 20th century, the forklift is the undisputed workhorse of the material handling industry. Visit any warehouse and distribution center around the world and you’ll see it in action, moving materials of different sizes and weights in many different applications. Many of the trucks display scrapes, scuffs and scratches that are synonymous with working day after day in harsh and unpredictable environments yet they soldier on, reliably and predictably performing their tasks.

It is this proven durability and flexibility that has brought forklifts into the manufacturing environment. These traits have been a major factor in their continued importance in this rough and rugged workplace. Some transport loads while others are used in flexible manufacturing processes. 

For examples of how forklifts can be put to work in lean manufacturing environments, read the full article on the Crown blog