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The New CLARK TWLi20

The New CLARK TWLi20

Posted on March 1, 2022

The all-new TWLi20 was designed to be easy-to-operate for certified operators of all experience levels, with excellent features like the dual-joystick controls, low-maintenance Lithium-on battery, and the external charger for the battery, which eliminates the need to remove the battery for charging. The operator-friendly features on the TWLi20 make it the perfect choice for every operation.

Five Stand-Out Features

Lithium-Ion – Convenience, Efficiency, Productivity: Lithium-Ion batteries are efficient and maintenance-free, with no battery watering required. This easy-to-operate charger eliminates the need to remove the battery when charging and gives you the ability to use opportunity charging to keep your forklift running all shift long. Lithium-ion batteries are also longer-lasting, more reliable, and require less service than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Performance: The TWLi20 has a tight turn radius, perfect for indoor and narrow aisle applications. The dual-joystick controls direct the movement of the forks, side shifter, and fork positioner, allowing the operator to navigate the facility with ease. The chassis has a low center of gravity and wide tires, which provides excellent stability for the truck. 

Low Cost of Ownership: The fully enclosed drive, lift and steer motors lead to less downtime, lower overall cost of ownership, and a higher ROI than other models without. In addition, the all-electric brakes on the TWLi20 and the powerful Lithium-Ion battery are both maintenance-free, with no brake pads to change or battery watering required. And the hydraulic lift components are sealed against dirt and water, protecting them from contamination. 

Advanced Componentry: The interactive LCD dash on the TWLi20 has audible and visual warnings, password protection for advanced truck instrumentation and settings, and an integrated CANbus network that can communicate between the truck networks to provide error detection and a robust network. In addition, the 48V Dual-Drive motors pack a lot of power, while the narrow framework keeps the truck's footprint small. Finally, this truck is backed by CLARKS 5 year battery warranty, helping you protect your investment for years to come.

Operator Comfort: With the slim profile of the lithium-ion battery, the TWLi20 has a spacious operator compartment with excellent ergonomic features, including a retractable seatbelt, fully adjustable armrest, and dual joystick controls that are intuitive and comfortable for operators to use. Additionally, the wide-view mast and high operator seating position allow for excellent sightlines, providing comfort and enhanced operators' safety. 


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