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We Sell Uptime!

We Sell Uptime!

Posted on July 28, 2021

We sell Uptime! (it's not about selling new fork trucks)

As one of the largest forklift Dealers in the Baltimore/Washington market, we at Alliance Material Handling are continually striving to increase forklift uptime for our many customers. These complex machines are the heart and soul of any distribution or manufacturing operation. Product can't be moved, processed, or shipped without the use of a forklift - that makes each forklift a critical part of the material handling process within these operations.

Many customers are not aware that as a Dealer, we sell new forklifts, in most cases at a loss -  that's right, we sell forklifts at a loss! And, there are no back-end rebates from the forklift manufacturers or a percentage returned to us from the financing company. That's why we sell uptime! After the sale of a new forklift is when all of our experience and expertise come into play. We are obsessed with keeping our customer's forklifts in top working condition and always on the job. We have over 80 technicians in the field every day working to keep forklifts up and running. Uptime equals throughput. Throughput equals successful customers.